A Day in the Life of a Writer

A new series

Sylvia Dziuba
4 min readAug 14


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This is the first post in the series: Day in the Life of a Writer. I decided to write this in the form of a journal, which I’ll update several times a month. I guess I just want to share my journey with other writers; those who have just embarked on the writing journey (or maybe just think about starting one) and those already on it. A writer’s life can get lonely sometimes. It’s great to see someone by your side going through the same stuff you’re going through. Enjoy!

I’m taking a course

Bold Authors has released a new course that sparked my interest, and I just had to have it. It’s called “How to a Craft a Compelling Writer’s CV and Writer’s Statement” by Melissa Addey.

Photo courtesy of Bold Authors

Melissa is an award-winning author who has won thousands of $$$ in grant money. She has a bottomless trove of advice for authorpreneurs who just refuse to buy into the whole “you can’t make money as a writer” thing. She’s not just dispensing advice; she has done it, earned the money and lived to tell the tale.

So that’s what I’m doing today. I started the course yesterday, and I’m about halfway through. So far, the course is really easy to follow, and Melissa has, incredibly, managed to fit an ocean of information into practical, well-condensed points.

Once I’m done (hopefully today), I plan to go back to the various elements of the course and rather than just listen, I’ll pull up my sleeves and create my very own writer’s CV and statement from scratch — using all of Melissa’s priceless nuggets of wisdom of course.

To-do list

There is a conflict that lives inside of me. A part of me loves order, strategy and planning: the Monica; the other is an anarchist that craves chaos and disorder, jumping from one distraction to another at a moment’s notice.

The problem is that I love them both and feed each one at regular intervals. However, I noticed lately that I tend to feed the anarchist a little bit too often, and today I decided to change that.



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